Securing Federal Government Agencies from Cyber Attack

If you are an Information Technology professional responsible for Federal Government agency IT systems, then you know that the variety of NIST, OMB, and GAO directives, guidance and requirements documents present a daunting challenge to all those concerned with securing an IT infrastructure. You have difficult choices; you can obtain documents like the NIST Special Publication 800.53 and:

  • Read it
  • Understand it
  • Identify products that meet the standards
  • Test those products
  • Deploy solution trials
  • Make purchase decisions
  • Implement the solutions

Or you can take the easy path; deploy a certified, proven system that can be implemented across an entire IT infrastructure that meets and exceeds all of the security requirements of any of the NIST or OMB current publications. That system is INTEGRITY from INTEGRITY Global Security.

The INTEGRITY Secure Separation Architecture reduces risk and accelerates Federal agencies' ability to meet security requirements in several ways:

  • INTEGRITY has been certified to EAL6+ High Robustness, suitable for use in classified and unclassified environments where proven security is required
  • INTEGRITY enables the writing of enterprise-wide and system level policies and protocols that control information system access and functionality
  • INTEGRITY-based solutions can be applied to the entirety of the IT infrastructure from desktop to server to network to mobile devices

The INTEGRITY secure separation architecture was certified through an exhaustive process:

  • The INTEGRITY separation kernel was formally modeled and mathematically proven to be correct in enforcing all required security functionality as specified in the SKPP. This modeling and proof was performed by an unbiased third party.
  • The INTEGRITY separation kernel and associated support software were thoroughly analyzed and proven to acceptably mitigate all covert channels (storage and timing)
  • The INTEGRITY software platform and its software life cycle design and test documentation was exhaustively tested by an independent Common Criteria Test Laboratory (CCTL)
  • The INTEGRITY software platform was comprehensively penetration tested by the National Security Agency

The INTEGRITY Secure Separation Architecture provides:

  • Virtualization
    • INTEGRITY's secure separation architecture eliminates the need for physical separation
    • Support multiple operating systems, applications, networks, classifications of data, and users residing on a single computer
  • Open Standards
    • Supports Windows, Linux, and Solaris
    • Supports native POSIX-compliant applications
  • Cost savings
    • Computer and network consolidation lowers hardware, software, networking, and maintenance costs
    • Simultaneous support of legacy and mission critical applications
  • Form flexibility
    • Protect multiple platforms from attack including desktop and notebook PCs, servers, Thin-Client Workstations and even PDAs

INTEGRITY Global Security offers the following solution set based on the INTEGRITY Secure Separation Architecture. These solutions will enable Intelligence agencies to meet the requirements of 1253, quickly deploy solutions, and reduce the cost of those deployments.

To learn more about how INTEGRITY Global Security can secure your agency, please call 805.882.2500 or send email.

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