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Introducing The Most Secure Laptop on the Planet

Every day across the globe, governments, the U.S military, intelligence communities, and top law enforcement agencies trust INTEGRITY’s SwIS technology to protect them, their data, networks, and devices from the most sophisticated cyber criminals. Benefit from the R&D that was funded to create the most secure, automated software platform ever achieved. This same technology is now available to everyone.


INTEGRITY’s SwIS is the right solution for a modern workforce migrating away from fixed offices and closed networks.

Unlike firewalls, VPNs, and even the most expensive, bespoke server security systems, SwIS never needs updating and can’t be bypassed. It’s also affordable. Save money by eliminating the need for complicated and ineffective security that requires IT staff to constantly update and monitor systems to ward off security breaches that will happen sooner or later.

NSA Awarded the technology its highest software rating ever.

For the first time, enterprises and commercial companies can access sensitive networks from outside of the protected perimeter using military grade network-level security via a micro-segmented mobile device that under any attack cannot be corrupted or compromised across applications, systems, or data holdings. A device that is not dependent on configuration management or patching timeliness, and conveniently, a device that is not a budget buster. INTEGRITY often pays for itself by enabling the elimination of other less effective, and yet costly, security protocols or bespoke networks.

Secure Telework Solution

INTEGRITY SwIS technology is the solution for all medical, industrial, and manufacturing sectors to protect data, systems, devices, and intellectual property - the crown jewels of any organization

With SwIS you can now solve every security issue associated with the workforce paradigm shift to telework, even public WiFi users, with technology the NSA has certified at EAL 6+.

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